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Digital technologies

Digital technologies

Digital technologies


Drons are indispensable tool in agriculture. Used to assess the condition of plant based on drons pictures and satellite. Thanks to applying it is possible to monitor changes in crops as well as determine health and plants condition. Using tablets and mobile phones we are able to observe our crops, collect data which analyzed through platforms give us important information about our yields. We can monitor pests, weeds and increase crops. Drons also help in detecting weeds. Their task is to detect diseases (using infrared) and pests.

These are irreplaceable and increasingly appreciated devices that save the farmer’s time and help in the harvesting of healthy plants. They are also used in animal husbandry. Shows water spots and monitor animals.


Using them we are able to observe how our crops and animals changing over the course of days, weeks, months. They are need to obtain informations about soil and water. Some of them are very complex measure soil condition including salinity, nutrients and organic matter. Water sensors help us to see how much water our plants need. The best method of watering is drip irrigation using pumps and valves. Facilities with such watering are automatic and manual regulation.

There are sensors sending informations to others machines passing data about how much and where apply fertilizer.

Sensors are also used in animals. They help to monitor their path, identify sick and injured individuals.

By implementing new technologies, we can observe crops from anywhere on earth from our mobile phone or personal computer. Using a proper solutions we improving harvesting distribution and control. Which favors higher production while minimizing waste.

Precision agriculture 2019

Precision agriculture 2019

Technology is increasingly entering the world of agriculture. It is frequently used and improved to increase quality of crops, helping to manage its and bring overall benefits.

Precision agriculture is supporting by computers and based on collecting data required to manage and setting better solutions in plants production. Helps to adjust various factors to changes occuring on crops. It involves the registration of crops growth with the exact determination of coordinates using for instance measuring electronic instruments in the combine. Then, the collected information is illustrated with the help of a colorful map which we use during fertilization and plant protection. We can predict which parts of the yield will bring  more crops to properly care for.

Farming a yield is changing over time and in different periods of growing needs different treatments and means. Technology provides ever better, more safe fertilizing and protecting plants agents. In order to have the greatest benefit from the harvest we need to differentiate fertilization and liming because the soil is rich in nutrients. Using technology facilities we can determine different fertilization depending where we need more and where less fertilizer.

In recent past farming yield was manage the same in every of its part in case of fertilizing and consonantly planting. It was thought that soil is of the same quality throughout its entire area and has the same nutrients. The latest information on technological equipment show us that it is not true. Precision agriculture does not only show us how plants soil is changing. There is a robotisation of works, documentation and management.

Precision agriculture give us:

  • Monitoring and analyzing of crops
  • Crops map, soil and plants data
  • Help us with seeding, fertilizing and plants protection

All the time new technologies improving agriculture are developed. On all over the world using technology of precision agriculture is common. It is possible to monitor yours crops via internet and many other things by using application. These solutions help to to obtain higher crops, better according to quality and we bear lower production costs and less environmental pollution.

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