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Farm machinery

Farm machinery

Farm machinery

Thanks to modern technological applications in machinery such as combines or tractors farmers can monitor and collect information about crops. Sensors measure among other things the level of dampness helping farmers to take decisions like when reap a harvest, fertilise or sow.

Modern tractors

Modern tractors with sensors and navigation systems are developed. Some of them are designed to map crops and make harvest documentation. Sensors also monitor the machine to help avoid malfunctions.


Robots help people more and more for instance in production or medicine. They also apply in agriculture by achieving faster and higher crops. For example, spray robots limit agrochemical consumption by 90%.

Getting rid of weeds is one of agricultural activity helping to obtain good crops. There are crop protection agents but there are often very chemical. Fortunately, unusual robots equipped with cameras and lasers, with the ability to identify weeds to remove them were created.

An innovative solution is a robot that can collect delicate fruit and nuts. Robots for planting seeds were also created. They have a lot of information enabling precise seed spacing and depth.

To one of the extremely labor-intensive activity is cow milking. When it comes to milk production, automatic milking machines are very useful.

Harvesting potatoes and carrots requires a lot of work from people because we need dig them out of the ground. The machines harvesting potatoes and carrots were developed.

Navigation systems

GPS systems are also used in agriculture. Serve farmers to automatic piloting, positioning and navigating vehicles and automatic machines.

Machines supporting farms are very useful and extremely helpful. However, the big minus is to replace people by machines. Development in this branch leads to losing workplace by millions of people.

Precision agriculture 2019

Precision agriculture 2019

Technology is increasingly entering the world of agriculture. It is frequently used and improved to increase quality of crops, helping to manage its and bring overall benefits.

Precision agriculture is supporting by computers and based on collecting data required to manage and setting better solutions in plants production. Helps to adjust various factors to changes occuring on crops. It involves the registration of crops growth with the exact determination of coordinates using for instance measuring electronic instruments in the combine. Then, the collected information is illustrated with the help of a colorful map which we use during fertilization and plant protection. We can predict which parts of the yield will bring  more crops to properly care for.

Farming a yield is changing over time and in different periods of growing needs different treatments and means. Technology provides ever better, more safe fertilizing and protecting plants agents. In order to have the greatest benefit from the harvest we need to differentiate fertilization and liming because the soil is rich in nutrients. Using technology facilities we can determine different fertilization depending where we need more and where less fertilizer.

In recent past farming yield was manage the same in every of its part in case of fertilizing and consonantly planting. It was thought that soil is of the same quality throughout its entire area and has the same nutrients. The latest information on technological equipment show us that it is not true. Precision agriculture does not only show us how plants soil is changing. There is a robotisation of works, documentation and management.

Precision agriculture give us:

  • Monitoring and analyzing of crops
  • Crops map, soil and plants data
  • Help us with seeding, fertilizing and plants protection

All the time new technologies improving agriculture are developed. On all over the world using technology of precision agriculture is common. It is possible to monitor yours crops via internet and many other things by using application. These solutions help to to obtain higher crops, better according to quality and we bear lower production costs and less environmental pollution.

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