New technologies

The latest researches shows that industrial production until 2030 year has to increase about 60%. Using new technologies trends in agriculture we can improve and help in better grow of plants.

Modern tractors

Modern tractors with sensors and navigation systems are developed. Some of them are constructed to map crops and make harvest documentation. Sensors also monitor machine in order to avoid malfunction.

Robots in agriculture

Unusual and very efficient robots are created thanks to which we can achieve higher and quicker harvest. For instance spray robots limit agrochemical use by 90%. Engineers are experimenting with laser-assisted robots and cameras designed for self-removal of weeds. An innovative solution is sowing plants robot or this one which is able to pick delicate fruits and nuts.


Internet dominated today’s world. We can do the shopping online, send messages and being relaxed.  By using new opportunities, we are able to observe our crops from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the sensors used on the equipment and materials, we improve collection, distribution and control. This enable higher production with minimizing wastes.


Farmers have hundreds of areas of fields and are often unable to monitor them on a regular basis. Helpful technological device is dron. It helps farmer to monitor his crops. These devices are used to predicted soil quality and sowing seeds.

It is possible to use drons to spray chemicals on yields. Researches proved that drons spraying five time faster than other machines.

FRID sensors

They are responsible for tracking food so the consumer will be able to obtain detailed information about the product and the farmer will be able to promote them better.